Al-Anfas General Trading Co. Ltd. was established in 2004 and belongs to Mr. Ahmed Hussein Mohamed El Dahan and Mr. Mohamed Hussein Mohamed El Dahan equally.
The company was founded by the merger of two companies. The first company owned by Mr. Ahmed Hussein Mohamed El Dahan, specializing in the trade of building materials of all kinds since 1985. The second company belongs to Mr. Mohamed Hussein Mohamed El Dahan, specialized in general trade and car trade since 1986.

Al-Anafas General Trading Co., Ltd. has been operating since 1985, trading all kinds of paint products, namely hand tools, electrical, building materials and ironsmiths,
Then turned into a company specialized in all types of welding wires and all welding materials of its own, and we have products from Asia, India, Europe, and America with the sign (DHN).
And all types of welding wire. With 27 years of rich experience in this field, ALDHAN  products have become the most valuable and guaranteed products in prices and quality not only in the Iraqi market but throughout the region and neighboring countries.
Where there are now four branches within the Iraqi market belonging to the  ANFAS company, as well as two branches in the United Arab Emirates Dubai in the free zone of Jebel Ali and a branch in the new industrial area in the Emirate of Ajman.
Also, we have a branch in Egypt.
Al-Anfas company covers a large part of the different needs of the Iraqi market and the markets of the UAE and the region, where it sells  large quantities of its products to all parts of Iraq, the UAE and the countries of the region, and with the products of the GOLDEN BRIDGE  combined with  ALDHAN sign are the ones that gives confidence in this product over the previous years, ALDHAN has become a well-known symbol in Iraq and the region which gives the customer confidence and safety when purchasing this product all over Iraq, countries of the region, such as the UAE, the Arabian Gulf, Africa, Egypt, Afghanistan and Pakistan, larger coverage of Iraq’s and the region needs  to the products of ALANFAS is becoming bigger everyday.


We are pleased to inform you that our company is the sole and exclusive agent in Iraq and the UAE for the products of all types of Golden Bridge wires, the sign (ALDHAN), known in the markets of Iraq for it’s good quality and low prices,

Al-Anafas General Trading Co. Ltd. is a group of companies in Iraq, UAE and Egypt.

We are agents of the Golden Bridge Welding Factory to the Middle East, Iraq, UAE, and Egypt,  Golden Bridge  welding wires is the world’s first in terms of quantities sold and the factory sells more than 2 million tons per year  all over the world and also is the first  in China in terms of quality And the quantity of the Chinese domestic market. So far China’s welding wire field has not yet been shown to compete with the Golden Bridge welding mill in terms of good quality and cheap prices, making it the first and dominating in the whole region of China, Asia, Middle East, Africa, North America, South America and Europe in terms of quality and price,

We are the sole agents in the UAE market. Which is the distribution center to Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Arab countries, Africa and Egypt.
Also, we are the sole agents in the market of Iraq and Kurdistan, and we have distribution agents for all the provinces of Iraq, from northern to southern Iraq,and currently, a new center has been opened in Egypt. 

We have all the required types for all grades of the following types:

E6013, E7016, E7018, E7024, E308L-16, E316L-16, E309MoL-16, E309L-16, E308L-16, E316-16, E309-16, E310-16, E347-16, ECI, ENi-C1, ENiFe-C1, ER70S-6, E71T-1. 

We are also pleased to inform you that our company is the authorized agent in Iraq for the products of DHN and GEKA. Both are leading companies in the production of all types of welding machines such as electric arc welding machines (MMA), welding machines (TIG-MIG) We also have welding electrodes from the Turkish manufacturers (DHN) and (GEKA), Our goods are from China, India, Turkey, Europe and
America. Such as paws, suits, masks, safety shoes and every necessary welding gear out there

The products of DHN and GEKA are all subject to examination and our company is fully prepared to provide these products and provide technical services and advice from our technical and engineering staff specialized in the work of monument, operation, maintenance and committed to after-sale services by providing all the necessary backup tools as per customer’s need. 

Note that the Turkish companies (DHN) and (GEKA) With all its products, provide a certificate of origin and a certificate of examination, which is required at all State departments.
We, therefore, request your esteemed company to register our company as an authorized agent (DHN) and Turkish (GEKA) in your records.